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In addition please enjoy this short clip on Soul Surfing

Soul Surfing is a state of being so whatever surfing you enjoy – free surfing, competitive surfing or big wave riding – the opportunity to ride n glide with Soul is omnipresent… Please click on the image below to watch the short film and may your heart and mind be free for soul surfing and soul living…

World Conference / Expo on Surfing Medicine 2019 – WCSM 2019
10-13 April, Torquay, Australia

Thanks to the organisers of WCSM 2019 for the opportunity to connect and learn with all the wonderful speakers and to share keynotes on Surf Psychology for peak performance, personal wellbeing and enrichment…

Please see links below for conference program and to register…

WCSM 2019 Official Website

WCSM 2019 Social Media