Surf Psychology applies the art and science of psychology to the performance and lifestyle of surfing

Surf Psychology aims to develop and enhance psychological skills for optimal performance and personal enrichment in surfing and in life

surfpsychology.org serves as a global platform and community for all to network and share Surf Psychology dialogue, research and activities in the areas of…

Health – surfing for mental health, wellbeing and joyful longevity
Performance – all levels of free surfing, competitive surfing and big wave riding
Culture – local and global surfing symbols, traditions, customs and creations
Nature – connection and care of our magical oceans, coastal environment and planet
Soul – opportunities for intentional self study and spiritual evolution

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A message from Surf Psychology pioneer and founder Richy Bennett…

Surf Psychology = Love of Surfing + Love of Psychology

In 1997 I began applying insights and strategies from my love of psychology to my love of surfing. I was my first “client” and remain a humble student of surf mastery and self mastery

In 1999 I manifested the dream role of travelling the globe on the World Surf League (WSL – formerly ASP World Tour) working with the world’s best competitive surfers, big wave riders and free surfers. Along the way I formed wonderful friendships and enjoyed surfing many of the magical waves I had always dreamed to surf. My lifelong love of writing also manifested in the form of my first book The Surfer’s Mind

When I reflect on the first 20+ years I feel deeply grateful for all the waves of love and learning I have received and shared across the globe. As I now look towards the horizon for new swells in Surf Psychology I’m inspired to form a global community and resource for all things Surf Psychology – Health, Performance, Culture, Nature, Soul…

Richy Bennett
Surf Psychologist
Author – The Surfer’s Mind and 100 Dawns
Founder – Surf Psychology – surfpsychology.org

For more about Richy please go to: richybennett.com